A Circular LED Effect Lighting Three Rings 32"



The intertwined rings of this chandelier provide a reminder that each home is connected in love and surrounded by the light of one another. Symbolic of a series of intertwined eternity bands, you’ll love the way this LED chandelier dances with light and sparkle. featuring Egyptian crystals made by Asfour, this chandelier is perfect over a dining table, in the kitchen, or living room and bedrooms. 


  • Chrome finish
  • Adjust height to make different shapes and effects
  • Three different size rings to shape
  • Additional LED lights on canopy
  • Asfour crystal accents
  • Integrated LED
  • 50,000 hrs
  • 6000k (cool white)
  • LED bulbs on top and bottom of each ring giving more brightness
  • 147W (10,968 Lumens)
  • Stainless steel material
  • Non-dimmable
  • 32" D  x 14/49" H

Shipping Info

  • Box size 35" x 35" x 5"
  • Box weight 34.4 lbs