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Since 2012, Modern Concept has served Toronto and the surrounding areas. We specialize in modern sofas, custom pieces, and creative light fixtures to provide you with a unique decor you can truly call your own. 

Modern Living Space  

Since then, we’ve seen an amazing demand, and we wanted to reach a wider audience outside Toronto. So we’re expanding online to serve retail customers, contractors, and wholesale accounts.  

Expanding our business allows us to expand our inventory, add additional manufacturers, and provide luxurious, modern furniture for your home. We can do all this without compromising our commitment to customer satisfaction.  

Today we work with over 20 different manufacturers to provide high quality, unique furniture sets for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more. We expanded our lighting so your light can double as art throughout your home. 

Modern Concept prides itself on bringing you unique, high-quality furnishings with fresh modern designs 

We keep a rotating selection stored in our 15,000 square foot warehouse to provide quick delivery and a huge selection of modern furniture and specialty lighting fixtures for your home. Keeping our stock on hand means you can have your furniture in less than two weeks. 

Our commitment to you: With every sale, Modern Concept will stand behind our products with comprehensive warranty coverage and customer satisfaction.


Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


COVID-19, the pandemic of 2020, has inspired the founder with 15 years of experience in the industry to put you, the customer, first. Taking Modern Concept online means we can provide high-quality furnishings without the risk of exposure or infection found in a retail environment. We want to continue to serve you as the retail landscape changes and we become more informed on how to reduce your risk of exposure to deadly viruses.

David first had a taste of the furniture industry when he worked part time at his parents' furniture store to earn some extra spending money. After graduation he worked various sales roles but couldn’t find his footing nor true passion. During this time his Dad unfortunately had health problems and was forced to close the family furniture business.  

Dissatisfied with working for someone else, and remembering the joys that the family business once brought him; David decided to get back into the furniture industry and opened his own store.  

In 2012, he opened Modern Living Space with the focus on providing customers with unique modern designs that they could not find in the Canadian market.   

Every piece of furniture and lighting is curated and hand-picked by David.  He travels world-wide to meet each manufacturer while building a long-lasting relationship with each of them.  This enables him to deliver superior product offerings, new designs and ensure quality control on each product.  

With almost over two decades of experience in this industry, David has developed a meticulous, keen eye for design. Growing from originally just selling bedroom, dining, entertainment, occasional, and home office furniture and lighting, a lot of customers now approach him for custom projects. David offers top-tier service to assist customers in designing a product that never fails to satisfy.